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Consulting Corps

As a public service program, the CRE Consulting Corps is designed to provide access to the highest level of expertise in designing effective strategies for sound real estate solutions.

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The CRE Foundation

The Counselors of Real Estate Foundation supports projects of social, community, and/or educational benefit which contain a meaningful connection to real estate and knowledge sharing…

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Issues and Trends

Each year, The CRE External Affairs committee summarizes the broader structural issues that will define the real estate industry through our list of the Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate.

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We welcome all individuals that have the requisite combination of talent and experience in the real estate industry to apply for membership. The next deadline for submissions is February 11, 2019.

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Learn more about CRE members. Visit our new Member Spotlight page.

Upcoming Events

2018 Annual Convention – Charleston

The Transformation of Charleston: Creating Growth in a Port City Charleston, the belle of the South, will host The Counselors’ 2018 Annual Convention.  The resurgence of greater Charleston as an economic power, with its bustling port and a proliferation of new manufacturing plants — led by BMW, followed by Boeing and its Dreamliner, Volvo, Mercedes […]

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Possible members are subject to a thorough review process. Read more to find out if The Counselors is right for you.

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