The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) is an international organization of high profile property professionals which include principals of prominent real estate, financial, legal, and business advisory  firms, as well as recognized leaders of government and academia.  Membership is extended by invitation and candidates may independently apply if they confirm a minimum of 10 years of real estate experience and three years of property advisory services.  A stringent process of selection ensures that individuals awarded the “CRE” credential have attained the highest levels of expertise and achievement in their real estate specialty, particularly in the provision of sophisticated advice and high-level problem solving.

The organization is characterized by its selective, powerful, highly functioning network of leading property professionals worldwide.  Members who hold the CRE credential are senior real estate decision makers; they are a diverse, seasoned group encompassing a variety of backgrounds – developers, investors, appraisers, brokers, attorneys, financial experts, portfolio and pension fund managers, architects, etc.

CRE designees have created and endowed the MIT Center for Real Estate, resolved the dispute between the developer of the World Trade Center and its insurers post September 11, 2001, led the privatization of U.S. Army Housing, and valued both the Grand Canyon and Yale University.

In addition to a strong American base, The Counselors has expanded its global reach, with a vibrant, international presence including 20 countries.  With so many of the world’s most pressing issues rooted in real property, The Counselors takes seriously its involvement in matters relating to transportation, affordable housing, education, the environment, and more recently, economies in turmoil.

Our Consulting Corps and CRE Foundation provide meaningful vehicles through which the expertise of individual Counselors serves the common good.  The organization is known for thought leadership, extraordinary professional reach, an uncompromising commitment to high ethical standards, and objective identification of the issues and trends most likely to impact Real Estate now and in the future.

Asrec_SealWhen founded in 1953, The Counselors of Real Estate was originally known as The American Society of Real Estate Counselors (ASREC).

The Counselors of Real Estate® owns numerous trademark registrations, including registrations of the “CRE” credential. These registrations cover both the exclusive right of our members to use the CRE credential to indicate membership in the association, as well as the provision of networking, consultation, business and financial information, and educational services and publications, all relating to real estate.