Applications in Litigation Valuation: A Pragmatist’s Guide

Whether new to litigation valuation or experienced, practitioners will find this book a valuable reference. It includes practical information, tangible examples and case studies, with information that extends from fundamentals of litigation appraisal through assignment execution to expert witness testimony. Subjects covered include eminent domain and condemnation, title issues, taxation, easements and more. CRE members contributed sections or case studies on environmental contamination, matrimonial dissolution, bankruptcy and lease renewal. CRE member contributors: John G. Ellis, Anthony S. Graziano, Thomas O. Jackson and Michael Y. Cannon.

Fifty-State Survey: The Law of Eminent Domain

This guide serves as a single resource for eminent domain practitioners, answering questions about eminent domain and condemnation procedure in every state and the District of Columbia. Topics include what can be condemned and by whom, condemnation proceedings, challenge procedure, abandonment, attorney fees and costs, plus much more. CRE members Casey Pipes, Gary L. Birnbaum, Anthony Della Pelle, and Gregory F. Servodidio authored chapters.

Real Estate Valuation in Global Markets – 2nd Edition

An invaluable resource for anyone providing international real estate valuations, this revised edition , edited by Howard Gelbtuch, CRE, provides a wealth of information about appraisal practice in 47 countries. Included is comprehensive, on-the-ground information from local experts, including CRE members Noelle Brisson (France); Nicholas Captain (Guam); Guniz Celen (Turkey); Raymond Lo (Hong Kong); Demetrios Louziotis (Japan); and Michael Tung-Mao Tseng (Taiwan). This one-of-a-kind text serves as your passport to understanding real estate valuation around the world! Note: Regional chapter bundles are also available to order for Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East, Asia and Oceana, The Americas. Editor: Howard Gelbtuch, CRE

Appraising Conservation and Historic Preservation Easements

Drawing on legal, regulatory and professional appraisal literature, Appraising Conservation and Historic Preservation Easements examines the valuation of conservation and historic preservation easements from the contradictory perspectives of the IRS, the courts, easement-holding organizations and appraisers. It includes the history of easements, general land use considerations, valuation methodologies to be applied to specific easement-related appraisal assignments, detailed examples and sample sections of appraisal reports relating to various easement properties and appraisal situations. Author: Richard J. Roddewig, CRE

Planning and Control of Land Development: Cases and Materials, Eighth Edition

Expanded and updated throughout, Planning and Control of Land Development provides a comprehensive view of land use law integrated with a full review of planning practice and techniques. This Eighth Edition retains the organization, features and approaches that have made prior editions well-received, but has been revised with several significant enhancements. Author: Dwight Merriam, CRE

At the Cutting Edge 2011: Land Use Law from The Urban Lawyer

Practitioners, planning professionals and students will value the information and insights in this newer edition in a popular series of books on land use law. It contains a compilation of ABA Section of State and Local Government Law committee reports from The Urban Lawyer, including a wide range of topics such as cellular telecom facilities, green buildings, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, fair housing issues, eminent domain issues and ethical issues. Author: Dwight Merriam, CRE

Keys to Investing in Real Estate

This revised edition has been updated to reflect dramatic changes in the real estate market. The authors cover investment decision making, analysis, financing, operating investment real estate and more. Part of the Barron’s Business Keys series. Author: Jack P. Friedman, Ph.D., CRE

Value Beyond Cost Savings: How to Underwrite Sustainable Properties

This book enables private investors to integrate the value of sustainable property investment into their decision-making process. While cost savings has been the primary criteria for investment in “green” property in the past, the author provides a roadmap for integrating “sustainable value” and risk into decision-making for specific properties and also addresses sustainable property failure and underperformance. Related topics include sustainable property development cost, green leases, energy investment, health and productivity benefits analysis, key trends in performance measurement, public benefits of sustainable properties, risk analysis and more. Also available as free downloads: the book and several expanded chapters for in-depth coverage of selected topics. Author: Scott Muldavin, CRE

Insider’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate

A resource for buyers, brokers, sellers and others interested in learning about the commercial real estate industry. The author addresses both fundamentals and more advanced topics with explanations and examples. Author: Cindy Chandler, CRE

Takings Law in Plain English

This book is an essential reference for any preservation library. Takings Law in Plain English provides a clear explanation of essential land-use law for planners and preservation advocates. It is a practical guide for communities concerned about fairness and balance for all citizens in addressing the takings issue (eminent domain). It includes a historical perspective, information about reasonable use of or return on property and in the rare event a taking occurs, how should damages be measured. The summary section explains the Fifth Amendment rules that have been established to strike a fair balance between public need and private economic interests. Author: Richard Roddewig, CRE.

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