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Webinar Series 2020: What’s Next for Real Estate and the Life Experience

What’s Next for Real Estate and the Life Experience is a compelling new webinar series from The Counselors of Real Estate—offering expert interpretation from provocative speakers who not only represent diverse and novel thinking, but question prevailing thinking.  These exclusive webinars offer high impact, high value (they’re free!), and a high return from real estate and societal influencers worldwide.

Discover something new and thought provoking every month with The Counselors Webinar Series 2020.

Upcoming Events

  • Session 3 | Stay Tuned!
    Speaker: Tom Shircliff, CRE, Co-Founder and Principal, Intelligent Buildings, LLC
  • Session 4 | Stay Tuned!
  • Session 5 | September 10, 2020
    Speaker: Spencer Levy, Chairman of Americas Research and Senior Economic Advisor, CBRE

Past Webinar Recordings

Recordings from past webinars are made available online to watch on demand.

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