Smart Cities: Issues & Opportunities to Consider

Insights & Opinions Volume 43, Number 3 April 23, 2019 By Morris Ellison Photo: LuckyStep/ Cities have historically delivered services by creating infrastructure networks over, under, and alongside their streets containing water, sewer, utilities, telephone, and cable TV/Internet lines. These traditional urban infrastructure networks allowed cities or private licensees to deliver services such as public […]

Brexit Explained: Where, How & What

Volume 43, Number 2 March 11, 2019 By Hans Vrensen, CRE, and Peter Cosmetatos Photo: Delpixel/ The Counselors of Real Estate’s European Chapter hosted a Brexit conference in cooperation with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in London on 28 February 2019. This event was subtitled “Requiem for a Deal?” and was well-timed, given […]

Cybersecurity of Building Technology: Smart Cities and Smart Buildings Require Smart Protection

Volume 43, Number 1 March 5, 2019 By Marie-Noëlle Brisson, CRE; Dan Doggendorf; and Michael Savoie, Ph.D. Photo: Continued from Volume 42, Number 2 and Number 10. Introduction Cybersecurity has become a major issue for commercial real estate in many more ways than previously anticipated. Ongoing vigilance – making security a part of the […]

Vibrancy and Property Performance of Major U.S. Employment Centers

Volume 42, Number 13 November 13, 2018 By Emil E. Malizia, Ph.D., FAICP, and Yan Chen Photo: MaLija/ Since the turn of the century, the spatial pattern of real property development in the United States has changed. Many central cities across the country have attracted impressive amounts of jobs, residents, and investments compared to their […]

  • Emil E. Malizia, Ph.D., FAICP
  • Yan Chen

The Devastating Impact of Storm Surge on Coastal Communities

A Case Study on Florida’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit Projects Volume 42, Number 12 October 18, 2018 By V. Lynn Hammett, Ph.D, CG; Elaine Worzala, Ph.D, CRE, FRICS; and Tom Springer, Ph.D. Photo: johnmoorefour/ Introduction Last year, several hurricanes caused major damage in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico. Now in 2018, Hurricane Florence and Hurricane […]

Disney Declares WARA

A Collaborative Approach for a Complex Valuation Engagement and Its Daubert Compliance with Generally Accepted Authorities Volume 42, Number 11 September 18, 2018 By Todd D. Jones, CRE, MAI, FRICS, and Michael J. Mard, CPA/ABV, CPCU Photo: James Kirkikis/  Accurate valuations of complex assets require a cooperative multidisciplinary approach. Users of appraisals would be best served if […]

Data Governance: Cybersecurity Oversight and Strategy for Commercial Real Estate

Volume 42, Number 10 August 28, 2018 By Marie-Noëlle Brisson, CRE, and Michael Savoie, Ph.D. Photo: Joyseulay/ Continued from Volume 42, Number 2. The final piece in this series is Volume 43, Number 1. In our previous article, we explored operational aspects of cybersecurity.  This one focuses on data governance and discusses how it permeates all […]

  • Marie-Noelle Brisson, CRE,
  • Dr. Michael J. Savoie, Ph.D

Investor Primer: U.S. Data Center Market

Volume 42, Number 9 August 14, 2018 By Chris R. Miers, CRE, and Michael McGowan Photo: sdecoret/ Institutional investors are increasingly considering investing in a dynamic new property sector – data centers. Whether viewed as a subset of their industrial or office property allocations, or as new specialty property type, data centers investments can offer an […]

Housing Demand and Immigration Trends

Volume 42, Number 8 July 31, 2018 By Norman G. Miller, Ph.D.; Paige Mueller, CRE; and Michael J. Dinn, CRE Photo: Arthimedes/ Research conducted by Norman Miller, Ph.D., University of San Diego; Jeffrey D. Fisher, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Indiana University; Paige Mueller, CRE, at Eigen 10 Advisors, LLC; and Michael Dinn, CRE, at Dinn Focused Marketing. Continued from Volume 42, Number 6: […]

Market Value in Use is Not an Oxymoron

Volume 42, Number 7 May 15, 2018 By Kerry M. Jorgensen, MAI Special-purpose properties present some unique valuation challenges. For property tax assessments, in condemnation proceedings and even in mortgage lending, debates regarding the proper basis of a value opinion are common. A special-purpose property is, “A property with a unique physical design, special construction […]

  • Kerry M. Jorgensen, MAI

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