Public Trust: Toward Building a Park and Open Space Legacy

Spring 2017, Special Issue – Global Real Estate By Cassandra J. Francis, CRE Interest in, and use of, the Public Trust Doctrine has reached unprecedented levels recently in response to the growing threat that urban growth poses for parks and open spaces. The Public Trust Doctrine forces governments holding land assets in trust on behalf of […]

It’s a “Small World”…with Big Economic Challenges

Special Issue – Global Real Estate Published: Spring 2017 By K.C. Conway, CRE One need only reflect upon the headlines of late regarding Brexit, Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP), Hanjin shipping bankruptcy, and slowing GDP growth to realize that all is not harmonious in the global economy. The common threads that run through these headlines — as well […]

In the Age of Global Cities, Submarkets Still Matter

The Impact of Submarket Trends on Property Performance   I. Introduction Location matters for how commercial real estate will perform over time. This statement will seem painfully obvious to industry practitioners, who may argue that (aside from timing and luck) location is the only thing that matters. However, in an age where capital flows across […]

The Synergetic Smart City Framework — From Idea to Reality

The underlying goal of this article is to highlight issues in current smart city approaches, find common success factors of established projects and to create a framework based on these findings, which should lay ground for future smart city concepts and research. There are 31,700,000 results on Google if one searches for the keyword pair […]

  • Viktor Weber

How Smart Has Smart Growth Been?

Special Issue – Global Real Estate Published: Spring 2017 By William P.J. McCarthy, CRE Smart Growth refers to urban design and transportation planning agendas which its adherents believe create vibrant, high density urban centers with an ever decreasing dependency on the automobile. Smart Growth is promoted as a panacea for an increasingly wide range of urban […]

Legal Review – New Jersey Supreme Court Decides No Statute of Limitations Applicable to Spill Act Contribution Claims

In 2013, a New Jersey appellate court temporarily ended the long standing debate of whether a statute of limitations applies to contribution claims brought under the State of New Jersey law which governs liability for the cleanup of environmental contamination, the New Jersey Spill Compensation & Control Act (the “Spill Act”). In Morristown Associates v. […]

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