Keynote Address with Chip Conley

Speaker: Chip Conley Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy, Airbnb Moderator: Elizabeth Youngblood Lambird Executive Director, Stanford SPIRE “Dramatic disruption in the hospitality business” is what Chip Conley, Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy described as the cause and the effect of his company, Airbnb, when he spoke to the Global Cities in an Era […]

Keynote Address with Luís Bettencourt, Ph.D.

Speaker: Luís Bettencourt, Ph.D. Professor of Complex Systems, Santa Fe Institute Introduction: Howard C. Gelbtuch, CRE Principal, Greenwich Realty Advisors, Inc. Dr. LuÍs M.A. Bettencourt is Professor of Complex Systems at the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) in New Mexico. His academic background is in theoretical physics, but he has done significant work on economics and […]

Urban Infrastructure and Sustainability

Special Issue – Global Real Estate Published: Spring 2017 Photo: Don Mammoser/ Speakers: Don Clark Principal, Cathexes H. Kit Miyamoto, Ph.D. CEO, Miyamoto International Steven Straus President, Glumac Moderator: Ed Friedrichs Friedrichs Group and Partner, Donald J. Clark Group Resiliency and sustainability are keys to creating smart cities for the 21st century and beyond. Creating […]

  • Ed Friedrichs

Steering Capital to Build Sustainable Cities for the Future

Special Issue – Global Real Estate Published: Spring 2017 Photo: Panimoni/ Speakers: Philip Barrett Risk Officer, Pramerica Real Estate Investors Frank Billand, Ph.D., FRICS, CIO Member of the Management Board, Union Investment Real Estate Jeff Jacobson CEO, LaSalle Investment Management Robert White, Jr., CRE, FRICS Founder & President, Real Capital Analytics Moderator: Martin Bruehl, FRICS […]

  • Martin Bruehl, FRICS

Keynote Address with Sam Zell

Speaker: Sam Zell Founder/Chairman, Equity Group Investments Moderator: Ed Friedrichs Friedrichs Group Changing demographics and global economy is creating opportunities and pitfalls for commercial real estate and consumerism EF: How do you see demographics changing society, real estate, consumerism and investment opportunities? SZ: We’re in the middle of one of the greatest demographic transformations in […]

  • Ed Friedrichs

Awareness, Preparedness: Cities in the Era of Risks

Special Issue – Global Real Estate Published: Spring 2017 Discussion Panel Speakers Heather Roiter Damiano Director of Hazard Mitigation, NYC Emergency Management Graeme Wood Author, The Atlantic Magazine Moderator Thomas M. Justin, CRE, FRICS Principal, The Weitzman Group, Inc. Introduction As part of the symposium titled Global Cities in an Era of Change, the Steering […]

  • Thomas M. Justin, CRE, FRICS

Reinvention of Cities

Speakers: Andy Cohen Co-CEO, Gensler Colin Shepherd CEO, Investment Management, Hines Lisa Wise President, Lisa Wise Consulting, Inc. Moderator: Ed Friedrichs Friedrichs Group New types of cities are leveraging cutting-edge technologies, infrastructure, design and planning techniques. The following is a summary of discussions between the panel participants, followed by some key points from each of […]

  • Ed Friedrichs

Symposium Wrap Up

Speakers: John Barton Director, Stanford Architectural Design Program James Curtis III, CRE Managing Partner, Bristol Group, Inc. Bowen ‘Buzz’ McCoy, CRE Member, Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame Moderator: William L. Ramseyer, CRE Consultant, Guest Lecturer All of us who have been in the real estate investment and counseling business over the years have attended […]

Connected Citizens Enable 21st Century Urban Systems: Cities Powered by Rich Data and Smarter People

Special Issue – Global Real Estate Published: Spring 2017 By Gordon Feller Photo: metamorworks/ With the arrival of new and powerful technologies and the declining costs of these technologies, some new possibilities are emerging for cities and their transport systems. For example, the Internet of Everything (IoE)1 can benefit cities by connecting people, processes, data and […]

  • Gordon Feller

What Can Go Wrong?

Many of us make our living preparing forecasts of supply and demand, income and expenses, and the anticipated actions of buyers, sellers, lenders and government agencies. Some years ago, during a presentation of ten years of projected cash flows to a client, my colleague and mentor, announced “The only thing we know for certain about […]

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