Connected Citizens Enable 21st Century Urban Systems: Cities Powered by Rich Data and Smarter People

With the arrival of new and powerful technologies and the declining costs of these technologies, some new possibilities are emerging for cities and their transport systems. For example, the Internet of Everything (IoE)[1] can benefit cities by connecting people, processes, data and things as everything comes online. This is creating unprecedented opportunities for organizations, individuals, […]

  • Gordon Feller

What Can Go Wrong?

Many of us make our living preparing forecasts of supply and demand, income and expenses, and the anticipated actions of buyers, sellers, lenders and government agencies. Some years ago, during a presentation of ten years of projected cash flows to a client, my colleague and mentor, announced “The only thing we know for certain about […]

Redefining Urban Mobility: Four Ways Shared Autonomous Vehicles Will Reshape Our Cities

Transportation technology is evolving at an exponential rate and, for the first time since the advent of the automobile itself, we have a unique opportunity to completely rethink our cities as they are shaped by transportation networks. With the advent of autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies, and the proliferation of shared mobility, there has never been […]

  • Ashley Z. Hand, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Virtual Technology: The Future Is Now For the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Spring 2017, Special Issue – Global Real Estate By Jeffrey Fisher, Ph.D., Michael K. Lerg, and Demetrios M. Louziotis, Jr., CRE Introduction Virtual technology (“VT”) is the latest overnight sensation to hit the market. And like many overnight sensations, it has been around for quite a while. One of the first commercial uses of virtual […]

No Brainer: Three Easy Steps To Risk-Free OpEx Reductions and Municipal Asset Valuation Increases

These days, city officials, finance officers and municipal asset managers everywhere are struggling to come to grips with two unavoidable realities: ever tightening budgetary constraints and aging government buildings badly in need of renovation and upgrade. It’s a dilemma that municipalities all over the country wrestle with every day. Government buildings are in desperate need […]

Social Media Development = Real Estate Development

Social media has come a long way in the past 10 years. What started as an online social network for a college campus quickly moved mainstream. In the early years, social media could be ignored by real estate developers as a place best suited for vacation photo sharing. That has all changed. Today, social media […]

The Cognitive Computing Revolution

Robots are no longer a fantasy from a science fiction movie. Forms of cognitive computing have become part of every day professional life — and are increasingly visible. “Hubo,” the World Economic Forum’s first robot delegate, debuted in January 2016. Six of IBM’s “Watson” cognitive supercomputers work in the healthcare industry, giving healthcare professionals fast […]

London After Brexit

Editor’s Note: This article was written prior to the events of March 29, 2017, when Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50. As a former imperial capital, London has had global significance for about 300 years, but over the last 30, it has seen particular success. Although its global roles as a financial center and […]

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