Call for Submissions: Manuscripts on Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate

Turbulent times produce uncertainty and fear of the unknown. A cloudy crystal ball not only can feed apprehension but also can increase the potential for irrational decision making.

As the COVID-19 pandemic upends the daily lives of people and wreaks havoc on business operations and financial markets around the world, real estate investors, financiers and public and private sector decision makers could benefit from the seasoned advice and guidance that CRE members and real estate experts can offer about the pandemic’s immediate and lingering effects.

Real Estate Issues, the circulation of which has been greatly expanded beyond just the CRE membership to demonstrate and communicate CRE thought leadership, wants to share your insights about this topic with our readers.

Of particular interest would be manuscripts dealing with:

  • The immediate and long term effects likely to result from the pandemic on specific real estate market segments – hotel; office; retail; residential; warehouse/distribution, etc.
  • How to make informed and rational decisions and how to best value properties in this uncertain environment.
  • The potential legal ramifications and liabilities that building owners, operators, and managers should be considering and preparing for.
  • Operational strategies that property managers might consider to deter the spread of disease, secure buildings, protect occupants, and mitigate risks.
  • The issues (e.g. influence on tax base, local economic development) public officials might expect to arise in the aftermath of the pandemic and what measures they should be considering.
  • The pandemic’s effect on underwriting guidelines and the short and long term availability and cost of debt and equity capital.

Since COVID-19 and the issues related to it are constantly in flux, we intend to review, publish and circulate digital editions of Real Estate Issues on an accelerated schedule to ensure timeliness of the information.

If you would be interested in submitting a piece on one of the above or a related topic; have a suggestion about other relevant topics; or you know or could recommend someone with expertise who may be interested in writing, please contact Alyssa Bray, Digital Media Communications Manager, ( to discuss.

Thank You!

John J. Hentschel CRE
Executive Editor & Publisher

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