The Complete Guide to Zoning

The Complete Guide to Zoning — How to Navigate the Complex and Expensive Maze of Zoning, Planning, Environmental, and Land-Use Law gives planners, property owners and developers essential knowledge about land use and regulations affecting it, including zoning laws. Included are sections on obtaining permits and variances for projects, fighting developments that diminish others’ property values; laws that limit, and how to work around them and dealing with environmental protection restrictions. Author: Dwight Merriam, CRE

The Takings Issue

This book is an essential resource on the complex subject of land use. It is an authoritative examination of the issue on the local, state and federal level. Written in a way that is readable for individual land owners, planners, local officials and attorneys, it provides a much-needed overview with balance and objectivity for anyone concerned about private property, land use and natural resource issues. Author: Dwight Merriam, CRE