Application for Funding

(Revised August 2014)

General Protocol

  1. While the Foundation prefers to fund projects in concert with other funding partners, grants awarded by the CRE Foundation must make a meaningful difference in execution of the project (the CRE Foundation does not traditionally underwrite projects in circumstances where the contribution would be unnoticed and/or viewed as incremental to the project’s success and/or implementation).
  2. Grants must complement the established principles of The Counselors of Real Estate (integrity, competence, community, trust, responsibility), enhancing the image of the CRE organization, its designation, and the real estate counseling profession.
  3. Grants must include a real estate component and incorporate a planned educational element, ensuring that audiences, both within and outside the CRE organization, are made aware of the project and its impact. This requirement may be satisfied through targeted distribution of relevant written materials, podium presentations, and/or ideas as to how the project might be replicated for other audiences.
  4. Grants may be submitted by Counselors of Real Estate or by non-members of the organization who agree to personally oversee the project, reporting bi-annual status reports to Foundation Trustees for the duration of the project. The Final Report, submitted at the conclusion of the project, should include ideas for replication in other markets if applicable.
  5. Preference will be given to grant proposals which provide the greatest opportunity for CREs to volunteer their time and service, while illuminating the vision and mission of the CRE organization and building awareness of the CRE Brand and Designation.
  6. Each grant application must include a business plan, summarizing the objective(s), scope, and desired result of the project, a detailed budget, a list of additional funding sources and/or partners, a time line highlighting key tasks associated with the project’s execution, and, where possible, ideas for its replication elsewhere. Additional information on how the Foundation will be acknowledged, how the project will be sustained going forward, and how its success will be evaluated is also requested (See Proposal for Funding).
  7. Funding for grants ranges from a minimum of $2,500 to a maximum of $20,000. The individual proposing the project assumes responsibility for the proper expenditure of CRE Foundation funds. Grants must be fully expended within two years of the project’s approval, unless Trustees formally approve an extension for a finite period of time. In such cases, the individual overseeing the project must formally apply for an extension one month prior to the Foundation’s Spring or Fall Meeting. Such requests must cite the reason(s) the extension is sought and when the project would be completed if the request for extension is approved.
  8. Projects which address Affordable Housing (targeted to low income families, senior citizens and/or the homeless), Sustainability, and/or Education are particularly encouraged, provided they include a meaningful real estate component.(This does not preclude submission of projects addressing other areas of real estate, provided requirements identified in the Grant Application Guidelines are satisfied.)
  9. Projects which include an international component and satisfy the general funding criteria of the Foundation are welcome and encouraged (the Foundation has a separate International Corpus which may be accessed for such projects in addition to its General Corpus).


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