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2016 Annual Convention – Washington, DC

Date & Time September 25, 2016 - September 28, 2016
Venue Four Seasons Hotel Washington , DC United States

Featured Programs

 Saturday, September 24

Did You Know? Washington, DC…Secrets Revealed—A Walking Tour

Join local CREs from the DC area for a “behind the scenes” tour of the Nation’s Capital. You will start at Union Station, exploring both its distinctive past and ambitious future—an $8 billion in combined public and private sector investment—the largest real estate project in DC since the Federal Triangle in the 1930s.

The group will head to the National Mall, where CRE Chuck Schilke will describe its evolution and its buildings and landscape. Stroll by the Supreme Court Building, designed by the great Minnesota-born architect Cass Gilbert, also the designer of the Woolworth Building in lower Manhattan and of the Chamber of Commerce Building and Treasury Annex in DC.

The modern National Mall and Union Station showcase the extraordinary vision of legendary Chicago/DC architect and planner, Daniel Burnham, who devised Washington DC’s plan for the 20th Century, essentially creating the National Mall as we know it today.

Happy Hour: The Monocle

Authentic firsts are hard to find, but The Monocle ranks as one of them. The restaurant has earned the enviable reputation as the Capitol Hill neighborhood’s “first table cloth dining establishment.” In fact, it brought “Dining Out,” instead of just “Eating Out,” to the Hill. Join fellow attendees for happy hour!  (If you would like to have dinner at The Monocle, we recommend making a reservation ahead of time.)

 Sunday, September 25

Development Tour †
Cruise on the Potomac River

Enjoy a beautiful cruise along the Potomac River, led by Tour Guides with hands-on experience in the developments you will see and learn about: The Wharf, Stadium area, and National Harbor in particular. We will view the monuments and enjoy the spectacular city of Washington…from the water!

Docking within walking distance of the House of Sweden (a stunning example of contemporary Scandinavian architecture overlooking the Potomac River), enjoy cocktails, appetizers, and a panoramic view with fellow CREs at the opening Welcome Reception.

Monday, September 26

Opening Keynote: The Comeback of DC!

Former DC Mayor, Anthony Williams, is widely credited with leading the comeback of Washington, DC, during his two terms as Mayor, restoring the finances of our nation’s capital, and improving the performance of government agencies, all while lowering taxes and investing in infrastructure and human services. Kick off our DC Annual Convention with a behind-the-scenes look at the revival of DC!

Transit Oriented Development: The Challenges and Successes

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) has proven highly successful in creating vibrant, livable, sustainable communities that are profitable financially and attractive places for people to live, work, and play. The appeal: compact, walkable, mixed-use communities centered around high quality train systems. However, there are challenges: zoning, land use changes, financing, and resident resistance. Exploring how various cities have accomplished major conversions to rail transit facilities, panelists will share firsthand knowledge of the importance of transit as an economic development tool, as well as how to “Get The Deal Done,” addressing the concerns of voters, regional politicians, and other factors.

It’s not just Washington, DC – it’s Denver, Chicago, London, San Diego, and urban areas worldwide.

The Cycle Turns? – Parts A and B

After several years of improvement, an array of recent statistics – on market fundamentals, investment activity, and pricing – show signs of cooling.

  • Are we reaching the inflection point for this cycle?
  • Will the US economy soon enter a recession?
  • How will various real estate sectors perform? . . . Individual markets?
  • How will investors and lenders respond?
  • How can decision makers prepare?

Join our two-part panel of experts as they discuss recent trends and present their outlook(s) for the economy and real estate markets.

Making a Living, Making a Life: Interview with Dan Rose, CRE

The multifaceted and highly successful Dan Rose has built a distinguished career spanning a broad range of professional, civic, and non-profit activities. He is not only an icon of real estate development, but is an acclaimed, insightful, award winning essayist and public speaker. Professionally, Dan has developed such properties as the award winning Pentagon City complex in Arlington, VA and the One Financial Center office tower in Boston, MA. As an institutional consultant, his many credits include the creation and implementation of the “housing for the performing arts” concept for New York’s Manhattan Plaza.

Yet throughout the stunning trajectory which marks his corporate and personal life, Dan never lost sight of what’s most important – Integrity. Underlying his success is the belief that “doing good” and “doing well” are not inconsistent and that the surest path to satisfaction and fulfillment involves dedication to causes greater than oneself.

An accomplished CRE from another generation, Victor Calanog, will interview Dan.  Hear the extraordinary story of a man who balances a successful business life (even as a real estate developer!) with a deeply fulfilling personal life, while keeping the faith through it all.

Dan will be signing copies of his book after the session.

 Global Impacts: Brexit, Migration, and Uncertainty

The long-term ramifications of the Brexit vote are unknown at this point. Among key concerns: the viability of the EU, the euro, and even the UK, if Scotland decides to hold another referendum. Brexit, migration, escalating nationalism, and the constant threat of terrorism will impact global trade, geopolitical security, financial stability, and national and global economies. In the short term, one of the first casualties could be the stability of capital markets, due to heightened uncertainty.

For commercial real estate, these changes may affect leasing activity, while driving offshore investors to the security of US property markets. The Fed may not raise interest rates for a long time, benefiting real estate capital markets. Will New York regain the title of undisputed global financial capital as London’s financial business contracts?

Hear firsthand accounts from real estate professionals operating in the trenches of various overseas markets, with the insightful commentary of noted Moody’s Chief Economist, Mark Zandi, on how these developments will impact the US economy and real estate in particular.

 Corporate Real Estate Services: Be Strategic

As a real estate professional, you know corporate property strategy is integral to corporate business strategy. These panelists will engage in a lively discussion on the impacts of changing corporate real estate strategies on future demands for commercial real estate.

Tuesday, September 27

Business Issues Forums with Breakfast (four concurrent sessions)

The Business Issues Subcommittee has been working closely with External Affairs in presenting a series of relevant, INTERACTIVE Forums on current industry topics.

Each Forum is an informal, yet meaningful opportunity where CREs share experience and pose questions to their colleagues.

Business Development Opportunities

(limited to 20 CREs)

A candid, dynamic networking opportunity addressing business opportunities, development skills, techniques, and lessons learned.

Public/Private Partnerships: THE 11TH STREET BRIDGE PARK -Impacts AND PLANNING of the 11th Street Bridge Project

The 11th Street Bridge Park will be an elevated park spanning the Anacostia River and connecting the communities of Capital Hill and Anacostia, which have long been divided. The project is driven by Building Bridges Across the River at the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) in collaboration with the District and numerous supporting non-profits and community organizations. The spectacular nature of the park will undoubtedly drive property values up and risk displacing the residents of the very communities that the project is envisioned to advance.

Scott Kratz, Director of the 11th Street Bridge Park and Oramenta Newsome, Vice President, LISC DC, and Stan Jackson, President, Anacostia Economic Development Corporation, will discuss the history and scope of the project and the enormous research and planning that has gone into the project to anticipate and leverage the project’s economic impact to the benefit of the communities, including the Equitable Development Plan which is a key effort to serve as an anchor for equitable and inclusive economic growth around the park. LISC DC has recently committed $50 million to seed the plan and the Urban Institute has issued its report identifying means to measure the plan’s results from planning through construction and operation.

As Scott Kratz notes, “If the people who helped to shape this Project can no longer afford to live there, we have failed.” The 11th Street Bridge Project is drawing on research and investigation of what has worked, and not worked, on similar projects nationwide and hopes to provide a template for inclusive economic growth projects in cities across the country. This session promises a lively, interactive discussion on the ability of Public/Private Partnerships to leverage the resources of public and private sectors to achieve remarkable ends.

Trends and Outlooks: Obsolescence

What do you do with obsolete buildings constructed in the 70s and 80s? What are the new vs old standards for industrial and office properties? Why have older spaces become so obsolete? What new uses represent realistic options? The market is being driven by buyers and sellers, tenants and land lords. Transformation of antiquated corporate headquarters and office parks is changing to meet the needs of a new audience who operate differently. How does this affect your community, town, or city? How will it impact the services you provide as a Real Estate Counselor?

Dark Store Methodology

CRE Pete Korpacz takes on the hottest topic in real estate tax assessment valuation and counseling. Topics include the pricing of big box stores in the real estate market, fee simple problem solutions, big box retailer dark store theories and issues, and a practical compromise solution that is fair to both retailers and assessment districts and is market supported. Join the discussion!

 The Intersection of Public Policy and Real Estate

Jeff DeBoer has been at the forefront of legislation affecting the real estate industry during the last thirty years. Who better to discuss the political climate and what it might mean for real estate? Who’s up, who’s down in the presidential race and why.  What you should expect, if anything, in a lame duck congressional session. Will gridlock get better or worse? And what this all might mean for real estate.

Ken Riggs will pose questions to Jeff exploring who’s up and who’s down in the presidential race and why.  What you should expect, if anything, in a lame duck congressional session. Will gridlock get better or worse? And what this all might mean for real estate.

ESG Market Primer: Corporate Sustainability, Energy Benchmarking and Green Finance

Real estate investment value is influenced by a mosaic of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors (ESG) including energy and water efficiency, waste generation, and stakeholder engagement. Building attributes affecting transportation access, employee productivity, and occupant health and well-being are also an important part of the mix. When integrated into investment analysis and decision making, ESG offers investors potential long-term performance advantages. This panel will address the business drivers of ESG within the private equity and REIT markets, including efforts by institutional investors and policy makers to drive market transparency and differentiate companies in manners applicable to standard risk analysis. How do buildings contribute or detract from health and productivity, and how do these outcomes impact total occupancy costs?

Cyber Security

How do you keep a 50-story building in a major metropolitan area safe? What should you look for when leasing or purchasing a building to ensure its security? These panelists will discuss how to advise tenants in order to protect themselves and their buildings from an infrastructure breach, and related threats to the properties they own or lease.

Real Estate and the Economy: Chaos Driven?

Industry Prophet KC Conway, CRE, will share his views on the macro economy and why real estate and the economy are chaos driven these days. There is Brexit, the CMBS shut down, continued “downshift” of the economy, the elections, and the Fed, just to name a few!  How close are we to the next real estate slump? Already, there is a housing crisis and inventory shortages. Where there has been new construction, investors are not seeing the rent reductions traditionally expected as a result of increased product. NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco remain pricey for employers who want to lease new space and/or expand.

Certainty and confidence have taken a beating over the past decade as a lackluster post-recession economy disproved a series of bedrock assumptions. KC rates the 2016 US Economy “E” for erratic and explores the challenges of accuracy forecasting market conditions in 2017. What’s your take on the subject?

 CRE Consulting Corps Open House

Join CRE Consulting Corps panelists and committee members who served on recent Consulting Corps assignments to learn more about the groups CRE partnered with and the work, challenges, and successes that were accomplished. Get a preview of what is in the pipeline, and discuss how serving on a Consulting Corps panel promotes the CRE brand . . . and yours!