Chase And Robinson Determine Value Of The Grand Canyon

Blaine Chase, CRE, and Maurice Robinson, CRE, were honored for their work as appraisers in determining the value of the Grand Canyon National Park. In a complex assignment that took more than a year to complete, they helped devise a methodology to value The Grand Canyon. As a result, the National Park Service adopted this […]

McCoy Honored For Work With Largest Pension Fund in U.S.

Bowen “Buzz” McCoy, CRE, was honored for his pivotal role in determining the best practices in real estate investing for the largest pension fund in the U.S., the State of California Public Employee’s Retirement System (Cal Pers). Through this effort, Cal Pers’ real estate investment practices became aligned with the real estate industry and thereby […]

Tarantello And Gobar Awarded For Work On Non-Profit Affordable Housing Firm

Rocky Tarantello, CRE, and Alfred Gobar, CRE, were honored for their efforts as charter directors of So-Cal Housing Development Corporation-a regional non-profit affordable housing development firm based in California. This pro bono assignment attracted high-profile support and created maximum opportunities for affordable housing, social services, and public-private partnerships.

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