2019-20 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate™

The Counselors of Real Estate has identified the current and emerging issues expected to have the most significant impact on real estate in 2019 and 2020, with U.S. infrastructure being a primary concern of the 1,100-member organization. Infrastructure Housing In America Weather And Climate-Related Risks The Technology Effect End-Of-Cycle Economics Political Division Capital Market Risk […]

External Affairs Alert – Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate™ 2018-2019

New for 2018-2019: Current and Longer-Term Impacts Identified Counselors’ clients seek advice on today’s issues which will impact property today–and today’s issues which will impact their decisions over the next ten years.  In a break with how The Counselors’ has announced its Top Ten list in past years, the Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate™ 2018-2019 differentiates […]

External Affairs Alert – June 2017 – The CRE® 2017-18 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate

The CRE 2017-18 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate: Political Polarization and Global Uncertainty The Technology Boom Generational Disruption Retail Disruption Infrastructure Investment Housing: The Big Mismatch Lost Decades of the Middle Class Real Estate’s Emerging Role in Health Care Immigration Climate Change 1. Political Polarization and Global Uncertainty Political Polarization and Global Uncertainty are impacting […]

External Affairs Alert – What’s the Impact of Tax Reform on Real Estate?

While it’s too soon to know the details of changes being proposed to U.S. Federal tax law, it appears that the corporate/business tax rate could be lowered from 35% to 15% (news reports as of April 26th). Federal tax rates and brackets for individuals could be simplified down to three versus the current seven, with […]

External Affairs Alert – Is Retail at a Tipping Point?

Stories about the death of brick and mortar retail stores have been accelerating in the news for several months. Several large retailers have closed some (or all) of their outlets. Some experts predict that retail will never bounce back, as we have known it. Others are saying it WILL, but it’s going to take vision […]

External Affairs Alert – Is Retail in Trouble, or just Re-Aligning?

KC Conway, CRE, writes: “I spoke this week at ICSC Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic conference in Charlotte … on more than the drone of store closings and e-commerce killing retail. A slide below may be useful regarding the good side of retail amidst hundreds more store closings in 2017. … The headline on retail commercial real […]

External Affairs Alert – Re-Shaping Industrial, one Retailer at a Time?

Prior to the recent NAIOP conference in Toronto, Bisnow interviewed KC Conway, CRE, on developments in the Industrial sector ( see: What An Eastern-Shifting Supply Chain Means For North American Seaports And Industrial Real Estate) In that discussion, Conway points to the relationship between retailers and the industrial sector: “The power of industrial investment increasingly […]

External Affairs Alert – Housing

CRE Members: Are Risks and Opportunities in Housing among the issues or trends we should consider for the 2017-2018 CRE Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate? We Need Your Feedback! Is it something you feel is important to the industry? What do you see as the implications? Drawn from a brief recently published by Calculated […]

External Affairs Alert – Office Amenities

This is the first External Affairs Alert for 2017. Each Alert will ask you, the CRE membership, to offer your opinions, feedback and thought leadership on a real estate issue or trend. Some are significant and may be included in the CRE® Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate this year. We want to hear from […]

The CRE 2016-2017 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate

The Changing Global Economy, Debt Capital Market Retrenchment, and Demographic Shifts Lead the New List of The CRE 2016-17 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate   The CRE 2016-17 Top Ten issues Affecting Real Estate 1. The Changing Global Economy The IMF has revised GDP growth downward for much of the globe in 2016-17, as economic […]

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