Board of Directors

2018 Board of Directors

Nahas, Joseph NEW 2009 McIntosh, Julie New 2009
2018 Chair of the Board
Joseph G. Nahas, Jr., CRE
 First Vice Chair
Julie (McIntosh) Melander, CRE
 Second Vice Chair
Michel Couillard, CRE
Liaison Vice Chair
Marie-Noёlle Brisson, CRE
Liaison Vice Chair
Frederick J. Campbell, CRE
Liaison Vice Chair
K.C. Conway, CRE
Beckmann, William Calanog, Victor NEW 2015
 William R. Beckmann, CRE  Jacqueline Buhn, CRE  Victor Calanog, Ph.D., CRE
Chandler, Garner NEW 2016 Davidson, Karen NEW 2012
 Garner Chandler, CRE Thomas Curtin, CRE Karen G. Davidson, CRE
DeLacy, Barton NEW 2012 DellaPelle, Anthony NEW 2011 Hagewood, Monica NEW 2016
P. Barton DeLacy, CRE  Anthony F. DellaPelle, Esq., CRE Monica B. Hagewood, CRE
Hentschel, John NEW 2009
James C. Hannoch, CRE  John J. Hentschel, CRE Raymond A. Jackson, CRE
Korpacz, Peter NEW 2016 Koschny, Ralf-Peter MaRous
 Peter F. Korpacz, CRE  Ralf-Peter Koschny, CRE Michael S. MaRous, CRE 
McCarthy, William PJ NEW 2010 Mitchell, Maxine
Eileen E. Marrinan, CRE William P.J. McCarthy, CRE  Maxine Mitchell, CRE
Nahigian, Rob New 2007 Pliska, Robert 2015
Robert J. Nahigian, CRE   Robert J. Pliska, CRE Kent David Steele, CRE
thompson, marc Worzala, Elaine NEW 2011
 Marc R. Thompson, CRE Paula O. Thoreen, CRE Elaine M. Worzala, Ph.D., CRE 
Gelbtuch, Howard NEW 2013 Kelly, Hugh NEW 2013 Shlaes, Noah NEW 2014
2013 Chair of the Board
Howard C. Gelbtuch, CRE
2014 Chair of the Board
Hugh F. Kelly, Ph.D., CRE 
2015 Chair of the Board
Noah D. Shlaes, CRE
Lee, James NEW 2013
2016 Chair of the Board
James S. Lee, CRE 
2017 Chair of the Board
Scott R. Muldavin, CRE