Member Benefits

Membership in The Counselors of Real Estate provides an extensive selection of benefits:

  • The CRE® Designation is a prestigious credential that signifies the highest level of professional achievement in real estate counseling.
  • Exclusive Access to a forum of real estate leaders means belonging to a unique professional culture grounded in the shared values of integrity, competence, community, trust and selflessness.
  • National Meetings and Programs deliver intellectually stimulating education that is always timely and thought-provoking. To meet the demands of a professionally diverse audience, programs explore highly relevant topics including the economic climate, capital markets, lending, valuation and specialized sector issues. To leverage the intimate size of the group, these meetings also provide opportunities for targeted special interest discussion groups and roundtable sessions.
  • CRE-to-CRE Contacts happen around the world each day of the week, connecting every CRE, whether a sole practitioner or an employee of a large institution, to an enthusiastic and talented team of like-minded professionals. CRE relationships result in collaborative business efforts and long-term business relationships.
  • Candid, Confidential and Open Communication ensures that all members contribute to and benefit from the wealth of professional knowledge shared among the membership. The Counselor organization is driven by volunteer participation through a number of communications channels—from formal speaking, writing and leadership opportunities to informal discussions and dialogue on local, regional, national and international scales.
  • Strategic Alliances within the real estate industry and the global marketplace expand the awareness and presence of the CRE membership. Through partnership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, The Counselors offers expedited acquisition of the FRICS designation and mutual access to a reliable network of commercial real estate professionals worldwide.
  • Research and Project Funding is available through The Counselors of Real Estate Foundation, which underwrites worthwhile initiatives with social, community and international significance that benefit society and the real estate industry at large.
  • The CRE Web Site at showcases the expertise of the membership by highlighting and summarizing counseling assignments and current member news. In addition, the site serves as an information source about the counseling profession and the CRE organization itself. It offers interested parties the opportunity to contact members directly for counseling assignments.
  • CRE Publications provide timely and thought-provoking information on a wide range of issues and topics. The organization’s two main publications are the peer-reviewed journal Real Estate Issues, published three times annually, and The Counselor newsletter, published four times annually. In addition, electronic news and “Calls for Expertise” are part of the CRE communications program.
  • The CRE Consulting Corps Program is an outreach initiative that devises strategic action plans for the real estate assets of not-for-profits and related institutions.
  • Business Issues Forums provide meaningful opportunities for members to interact with fellow Counselors, ask questions, and share experiences and advice on selected industry topics.
  • Chapter Participation provides local information exchange, strong business and personal contacts, and grass roots opportunities for leadership and collaboration. Twenty-four chapters are active in the U.S.
  • Awards Programs recognize achievement of professional endeavors, as well as service to the CRE organization—including the James Felt Creative Counseling Award for ingenuity and creativity in counseling; the Landauer/White Award for overall contribution to the real estate community and the world at large; the Ballard Award for the author(s) whose work best exemplifies the high standards of content maintained in Real Estate Issues, the professional journal published by The Counselors of Real Estate; the Committee Service Award for exemplary committee or task force service to the organization; and the Chair’s Award for a team or group of CREs whose activity best demonstrates advancing the success of the organization.
  • The CRE External Affairs Committee summarizes the broader structural issues that will define the real estate industry through our list of the Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate, first created in 2012. Since 2013, CRE has also presented the Top Ten List annually at the National Association of Real Estate Editors’ conference.
  • Special Events, Tours, and Spouse/Guest Programs celebrate CRE collegiality and provide entrée to intriguing venues and experiences in national program host cities.
  • The CRE Library includes books and monographs, and feature articles on real estate, finance or related business topics—all written by members of The Counselors of Real Estate®. Visitors to the library are able to browse brief descriptions of the books and purchase a copy through a link to its publisher or Recent articles from the CRE Real Estate Issues journal written by CRE members are also available on the site.