The Counselors of Real Estate Foundation


Avery, Jon New 2008 McCarthy, William PJ NEW 2010 couillard, Michel
Jonathan H. Avery, CRE
William P.J. McCarthy, CRE
Vice Chair
Michel Couillard, CRE
Cromwell, William Dinan-Edward
  Frederick J. Campbell, CRE
Liaison Vice Chair
William E. Cromwell, CRE   Edward W. Dinan III, CRE 
Hanson, Rich 2004 Hembel, Alan New 2007 Hentschel, John NEW 2009
Richard A. Hanson, CRE   Alan G. Hembel, CRE John J. Hentschel, CRE 
Schneiderman, Roy Sockler, Peter New 2007
James S. Lee, CRE  Roy J. Schneiderman, CRE Peter E. Sockler, CRE 
Souza, Tony Thomas A Lloyd Utter, Marilee
 Anthony F. Souza, CRE A. Lloyd Thomas, CRE    Marilee A. Utter, CRE
Mccoy, Buzz 2007
 Bowen H. McCoy, CRE
Trustee Emeritus